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Red Fox Elbrus Race взглядом иностранных спортсменов


Рассказ Mladen Luki? на конкурс выиграй путевку на Эльбрус

Thank You very much for this chance to write You and say few words about Elbrusrace 2013. I dont know if it will be enough to winn a great prize, but definately it is worth of trying.
My name is Mladen Luki?. I am mountaneer from Bosnia and Herzegovina and i was the leader, or i tried to be leader of Bosnian team of 5 people in the race this year. I am the member of mountaineering club Javorina from Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also i am organisator of mountain marathon race in Olympic mountain of Jahorina in East Sarajevo, town of Pale.
Our story from Caucasus this year, for me was very dramatic in the beggining, but thanks to God , much much better at the end of the festival.I will start simple as i remember and i will try to find and add some photos at the end of my esey)...


Since i work as an of the organisator in Jahorina marathon, as i already said, thanks to the some friends from RMF, we had a great honour on 14th October 2014, to be the host to some of the best Russian skyrunners, last year in Bosnia, Mr.Vitaly Skel and Mr. Illys Achabaev. For us this was a quite great achievment since we dont have a great prize fond and we are usualy hosting only the sportsmen from Balcan countries. Anyway , after this pleasant suprise and happening in Bosnia, we decided to try our best to get our best runner to Russia, Mr.Dragan Pandurevi? for next year, and it seems that it will happen so. At least it seemed so to the last day, before we started our trip.
In the meantime, many things happened in my private life. I met a woman of my life, got married, change the country and place of living(from Bosnia to Croatia),GOT TWO SONS) and thing has changed more than i expected. All this time i was still in contact with our sportsman Mr. Dragan Pandurevi? who trained very hard on the mountain during the winter season. Thanks to the fact that i work as a guide and have a guide licence in Republic of Srpska guide service, i usually cover my expanses by the clients that i lead to mountain and sometimes by sponsors as well. But since i was absent most part of the year, usual sponsor changed the politic, we was more than low with our budget for Elbrusrace. Also, bacause of family obligations, i couldnt take care of people as i will before, so our best runner was let on his own, and despite the fact, that we bought airtickets to him, we couldnt cover his expanses and he realize that and only send un sms day before we was to start-1st May, i think. From this moment the bad luck start to follow every step of the rest of the team-we got to Moscow with half equpiment missing including the tents, boots, and other sleeping eqipment. The price of transport by bus to Naljcik got more expensive so we faced the financial problem the moment we came to Terskol. Two more guys who was to take part in snowshoes race gave up, because Mr Dragan was suppoused to bring our snowshoes with him. At the end i took part in Vertical kilometar in order to fix our problem and missing man, but the rest of team lost their guide to the summit, what was my task, and we lost the ties in the team.
Thanks to God, and thanks to our friends Vitaly Skel and his wife Elena, we got their tents, shoes, and sleeping matresses, we managed to take part in the run and also climb the summit, and also thanks to Anna Stolbova and people from RMF we managed to get back to Moscow after the festival since they find so kind to give us hand and return the money that we payed for the race, which helped us to get back home.
Beside all this generousity and kindness, i must say that i was astonished by the great perform of the organisators in their proffessionality, security measure and fluent work which can i use as an example and lesson for our next mountain race in Jahorina, which will be held on 21stSeptember this year.

Congratulations to organisators and many,many thanks to all friends in Russia and reedfox and RMF for the help! I hope to get chance to be host again and response to this hosting here in Balcan and Bosnia and Herzeovina)
Also, i hope to get chance to get more people and mountaineers from this part of World to Russia and Caucassus next year. If i get the prize for this story it will go to Mr.Dragan Pandurevi? with my best wishes to him to make a good result for his country Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina on next year festival.   

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